soft things for a hard world

What's all this about soft & hard?

Our passion is with bringing software to life! Without hardware though there is little point to software.

As an independent software vendor, and a solution provider, Logicopolis works to innovate by developing both hard and soft based systems.

The following lists some of the technologies we specialize in. Contact Us if you are interested in developing these, or any other, types of systems as we would like to discuss working with your company.

iOS Licensed Developers

In late 2007 we saw the iPhone & iPod Touch and realized that a revoution in mobile computing would surely follow. We see a future where all cellular phones will be "smart phones" and where Mobile Computing Platforms in general will surpass laptops and workstations as a persons primary method of access to the Internet.

Android Developers

The Android platform from Google is used by many companies to build out a their mobile computing strategy. Companies like Samsung & Motorola are well positioned in this space and our memberships in programs such as the Android Market Developer and MOTODEV help us to provide the best possible solutions. We are actively working with clients to bring new Android based innovations to market. Join us!

BlackBerry Alliance Members

Users in the business & financial sectors continue to work with BlackBerry as a primary mobile platform. Messaging based applications are definately a "killer app" in this space. As a BlackBerry Alliance Member since since 2009, we are always looking to bring new applications to market.

Sun Certified Java Programmers

Developing professionally since 1996, we have the experience and skills with both desktop and enterprise based computing. Client and server based applications with networking and database requirements are a large part of what we do. We have implemented various scalable enterprise grade solutions that integrate with Oracle & MySQL as well as with SOAP based Web Services. Let us know how we can help you company succeed today.

Made for iPod Licensed Developers

We have designed applications to communicate with hardware connected through the 30-pin dock connector and wirelessly using Bluetooth. Not only can we help you to implement your software vision, we are also uniquely qualified to help you connect to the physical world.